2017. Vol. 5, no. 4

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-4

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   Stephen Pow. The Last Campaign and Death of Jebe Noyan    pp.698-725

   Sayfetdinova E.G. The Personality of Sultan Baybars and His Role in Developing Relations of the Mamluk Egypt with the Golden Horde according to Arab Sources    pp.726-735

   Roman Hautala. Russian Chronicles on the Religious Policy of Uzbek Khan (1313–1341) and His Relations with the Principalities of the North-Eastern Rus’    pp.736-755

   Abzalov L.F. “Hot Spring for Cure of Diseases”: On the Practice of Hydropathy in the Golden Horde    pp.756-769

   Nurlan Kenzheakhmet. The Tūqmāq and the Ming China: The Tūqmāq and the Chinese Relations during the Ming Period (1394–1456)    pp.770-785

   Aksanov A.V. From the “Bascardi” to the “Bashkirs”: The Fate of an Ethnonym during the 13th–16th centuries    pp.786-800

   Balázs Danka. The Terminology Denoting Political Organisation and Common Descent in the Däftär-i Čingiz-nāmä    pp.801-810

   Csaba Göncöl. Philological Remarks on Two Genealogies of the Crimean-Tatar Clan Shirin    pp.811-824


   Narozhnyi E.I. “The Invasion and Limits of the Catastrophe of the 13th century” in the Assessments of Contemporary Domestic and Foreign Researchers    pp.825-836

   Nesin M.A. Review of the Monograph: Seleznev Yu.V. Russkie knyaz’ya pri dvore khanov Zolotoy Ordy (Russian Princes at the Court of the Golden Horde Khans)    pp.837-845


   Khamidova Ch.I. Rashid al-Din. Shu’ab-i Panjganah. 2. The Mongols and Turks (3)    pp.846-865

   Erusalimskiy K.Yu. Crimean Khanate, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russian State in 1524–1571: The Diplomatic Correspondence from the Archive of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania    pp.866-920

   Gabdrafikov I.M. Kala-tau Hill as a Medieval Monument of Archaeology and Epigraphy in the Western Urals    pp.921-926


   Sayfetdinova E.G. Following the Great Tatar Way (a report on the trip to Poland, June 7–8, 2017)    pp.927-930