2018. VOL. 6, NO. 1

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2018-6-1

    Full issue


    Pochekaev R.Yu. “King” Godan: Status of the Ruling Chinggisid in Mongolian and Tibetan Sources    pp.6-17

   Schamiloglu U. The Rise of Urban Centers in the Golden Horde and the City of Ükek    pp.18-40

    Favereau М. How the Mamluk Sultan Addressed the Golden Horde’s Khan. The Form of Letters and Rules for Their Compilation    pp.41-84

    Nurieva F.Sh., Sayfetdinova E.G. The Religious Treatise “Nahj al-Faradis” by Mahmud al-Bulgari (1358) as a Source on the History of the Golden Horde’s Spiritual Culture    pp.85-100

    Nikitin A.P. Written Records about Hegumens of Chervleny Yar in the 14th century    pp.101-106

    Vorotyntsev L.V. The “People from Cherkasy”: The “Horde’s Cossacks” and “Serving Tatars” of the Forest-Steppe Borderlands (late 14th–15th centuries)    pp.107-122

    Rustemov O.D. The Formation of the Crimean Tatar Literary Language in the 15th–17th centuries    pp.123-133

    Tataurov S.F. The Kuchumovichi in Tara’s Cis-Irtysh Region and Storming the City of Tara in 1634    pp.134-144


    Petrov P.N., Kravtsov K.V., Gumayunov S.V. The Coins of Sarai in the first half of the 660s AH / 1260s AD    pp.145-158


    Maslyuzhenko D.N. Review of the Book: Trepavlov V.V., Belyakov A.V. Sibirskie tsarevichi v istorii Rossii [The Siberian Princes in the History of Russia]    pp.159-167


    Khamidova Ch.I. Rashid al-Din. Shu’ab-i Panjganah. 2. The Mongols and Turks (4)    pp.168-180

    Mirgaleev I.M., Abyzova R.R. Shihabutdin Marjani on the Golden Horde    pp.181-198

    Gulevich V.P., Hautala R. A Little-known Source on the Embassy of Sigismund of Luxemburg to Caffa in 1412    pp.199-211


    Giniyatullina L.S. The Research Seminar “New Sources on the Medieval Turkic-Tatar History: New Findings, Interpretation, Prospects for Research” (Kazan, December 6, 2017)   pp.212-214