2018, vol. 6, no. 3

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2018-6-3

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   Konstantin Golev. The Bulgarophilia of the Cumans in the Times of the First Asenids of Bulgaria   pp.452-471

   Rudenko K.A. On the Relations of Volga Bulgaria and the Bulgar Ulus of the Golden Horde with Iran in the 10th–14th centuries (according to archaeological materials)   pp.472-488

   Akhundova N.F. The Place of Sufism in the Spiritual Life of the Golden Horde and Hulaguid rulers   pp.489-503

   Moshe Grinberg. A Lithuanian Embassy in the Golden Horde in 1348: The Background and Consequences   pp.504-527

   Karpov S.P. The Beginning of the Time of Troubles in the Golden Horde and the Coup of Navruz Khan   pp.528-536

   Mukhametzianova L.Kh. The Tatar Epic “Edigü”: An Echo through the centuries   pp.537-550

   Aksanov A.V. Ulugh Muhammad’s Sons on the Throne of Kazan   pp.551-568

   Akchurina-Muftieva N.M. Ethnic Style in the Contemporary Art of Crimea   pp.569-578

   Khrapunov N.I. The Account of Crimea and the Crimean Khanate Produced by William Tooke in 1785   pp.579-595


   Timokhin D.M., Tishin V.V. On New Trends in the Studies of the History of the Mongol Conquests: Based on the Example of Stephen Pow’s Article “The Last Campaign and Death of Jebe Noyan”   pp.596-617

   Ivanov V.A. Nomads of the Golden Horde in the Perception of Modern Historians   pp.618-634

Searches, hypotheses, conjectures

   Deduk A.V. Where Were the “Goose” and the “Gorodets” of Shakh-Ali bin Sheikh Auliyar’s Charter of 1543?   pp.635-643


   Maslyuzhenko D.N., Tataurov S.F. Review of the Monograph: Zykov A.P., Kosintsev P.A., Trepavlov V.V. Gorod Sibir – gorodische Isker (istoriko-arheologicheskoe issledovanie) [The Town of Sibir – The Ancient Settlement of Isker (Historical-Archaeological Research)]   pp.644-655


   Atygayev N.A., Dzhandosova Z.A. A Letter from the Safavid Shah Abbas II to the Kazakh Khan Tauke   pp.656-663


   Gibatdinov M.M. International Conference “Tatarstan – Japan: History and Perspectives of Relations” (Kazan, July 23–24, 2018)   pp.664-666