2018, vol. 6, no. 4

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2018-6-4

   Full issue


   Hautala R. The Islamization of the Jochid and Hulaguid Uluses in Comparison: Points of View from Muslim and Christian Sources   pp.676-695

   Khamidova Ch.I. The Structure of Genealogical Works on the History of the Chinggisids   pp.696-706

   Pachkalov A.V. The Fourteenth-Century City at the Samara Bend according to Numismatic Sources   pp.707-718

   Mykhaylo Yakubovych. Crimean Scholars in Mamluk Syria (13th–14th centuries): Careers and Legacy   pp.719-728

   R.Yu. Pochekaev. The Evolution of Soyurghal in Chinggisid and Non-Chinggisid States during the Post-Imperial Period   pp.729-740

   Lomakin D.А. “Old Quarters” of the Crimean Khans: The Domestic Historiography of Eski-Yurt   pp.741-765

   Ilyushin B.A. Tatars in the Service of Russia in the Wars against the Poles and Swedes in 1613–1618   pp.766-782


   Sochnev Yu.V. Notes and Additions to the Comments on the Yarlik Granted by Uzbek Khan to the Franciscans in 1314   pp.783-806


   Tishin V.V. Book Review: Khrapachevsky R.P. “Tatary”, “mongoly” i “mongolo-tatary” IX–XII vekov po kitayskim istochnikam (“Tatars”, “Mongols” and “Mongol-Tatars” in the 9th–12th centuries according to Chinese Sources)   pp.807-828


   Hautala R., Gulevich V.P. A Letter of the Tuscan Anonym on the Seizure of Caffa in 1475 from the Codex Q 116 sup of the Ambrosian Library   pp.829-854


   Giniyatullina L.S. Academic Events Dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of Sh. Marjani and the Presentation of the “Golden Horde Review”   pp.855-860

   Gatin M.S. The First All-Russian Research-Practical Conference “Actual Issues of the History of the Crimean Tatars”, Dedicated to the Memory of Abd al-Ghaffar Qïrïmi (Foros, Republic of Crimea, September 29, 2018)   pp.861-864

   On the Sixth International Golden Horde Forum, Dedicated to the 750th Anniversary of the Talas Kurultay   pp.865-866