2019, vol. 7, no. 3

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2019-7-3

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Original papers

   Uzelac A. Tatars in the Danube-Dniester Interfluve in the Second Half of the Fourteenth Century   pp.416-433

   Parunin A.V. The Political History of the Golden Horde in 1419–1427   pp.434-460

   Donina L.N., Suslova S.V. The Golden Horde Traditions in the Kazan Tatars’ Jewelry Art: On the Example of Almond-shaped Filigree Earrings   pp.461-484

   Maslyuzhenko D.N. The Siberian Branch of the Shibanid Dynasty in Sh. Marjani’s Studies   pp.485-496

   Tataurov S.F. The Toyanov Town on the Ethnopolitical Map of the Siberian Khanate   pp.497-508

   Abduzhemilev R.R. Shejere of the Ancestors of the Crimean Khans: The Problem of Interpretation   pp.509-523

   Penskoy V.V., Penskaya T.M. The “Great Game” in Eastern Europe: The Tula Campaign of Devlet-Giray I in Summer 1552 and the Beginning of the “War of the Two Tsars”   pp.524-544

   Pow S. “Nationes que se Tartaros appellant”: An Exploration of the Historical Problem of the Usage of the Ethnonyms Tatar and Mongol in Medieval Sources   pp.545-567

   Gulevich V.P. The Ottoman Conquest of Caffa (1475), Kilia and Belgorod (1484) in the Chronicles of the Turks written by Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas, the Spanish Historian   pp.568-592

   Moiseev M.V. Book Review: Pochekaev R.Yu. Iz vassalov v syuzereny. Rossiyskoe gosudarstvo i nasledniki Zolotoy Ordy [From Vassals to Overlords. The Russian State and the Heirs of the Golden Horde]   pp.593-602


   Gibadullin I.R. The Round Table “Medieval Turkic-Tatar Theological Thought: Sources and Interpretation” (The Bulgarian Islamic Academy, June 15, 2019)   pp.603-606