2020, vol. 8, no. 3

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2020-8-3

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Original papers

   Nikolov A. The “Tatar Hegemony”: The Mongol Empire and the Golden Horde in Bulgarian Historiography and History Textbooks   pp.424-436

   Timokhin D.M., Tishin V.V. Ethnо-tribal Composition of Desht-i Kipchak as an Object of Discussion (on V.A. Ivanov’s article “Nomads of the Golden Horde in the Perception of Modern Historians”)   pp.437-456

   Abzalov L.F. Bimaristan in the Golden Horde   pp.457-471

   Nedashkovsky L.F., Morzherin K.Yu. Bone Wares from Ukek   pp.472-503

   Karpov S.P. Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: The Rebirth of Tana’s Trade after the 1395 Disaster   pp.504-514

   Мalikov А. “92 Uzbek Tribes” in Official Discourses and the Oral Traditions from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries   pp.515-532

   Nagamine H. Sïghnaq as the “Port of Dasht-i Qïpchaq” and a “Mausolean City”: The Period from the Jochid Left Hand to the Foundation of the Qazaq Khanate   pp.533-551

   Sabitov Zh.M. Interpretation of Zubdat al-fikra’s Information in the Work of A.A. Porsin   pp.552-562

   Golovnev A.V. Ostyak Sees Ostyak from Afar: Few Remarks on the “Ishtyaks: The Borderland between the Cis-Urals and Siberia”  pp.563-577

   Belyakov A.V. The Sheydyakov Princes and Mirzas in Russia from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century   pp.578-612

   Gabdrafikova L.R. The Image of Suyumbike in the Tatar Culture of the early twentieth century   pp.613-623


   Baybulatova L.F. International Round Table “Historical Journals: Trends in the Development of Academic and Publishing Activities” (Kazan, June 26, 2020)   pp.624-626