2017. Vol. 5, no. 1. Sultanov T.I.

2017. Vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 74-92

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-1.74-92


T.I. Sultanov
Saint Petersburg University
St. Petersburg 199034, Russian Federation
E-mail: vasilieva_nina@mail.ru

Objective: The article is dedicated to basic stages of ethnic and political development of two heirs of the Mongol Empire – uluses of Jochi (Golden Horde) and Chaghatai (in Central Asia) and their own successors in the 13th–18th cc.
Research materials: The sources mainly used in this study are historical works of contemporary Islamic authors: Jamal Qarshi, Rashid al-Din, Wassaf (turn of the 13th–14th cc.), al-Omari and Hamdallah Qazwini (14th c.), Mirza Muhammad Haydar, Seyfi Çelebi, Amin b. Ahmad Razi (16th c.), Abu-l-Ghazi, Mahmud b. Wali, Hajji Khalifa (17th c.) and others. Also opinions of leading Soviet and post-Soviet as well as foreign specialists on ethnical and political history of Central Asia (V. Barthold, A. Samoilovich, S. Ibragimov, A. Mokeev, B. Karmysheva, Sh. Ando, B.F. Manz, etc.) have been taken into consideration in this study.
Results and novelty of the research: The “reference point” of this article is epoch of Mongol invasions and establishment of the Mongol Empire. During this time earlier political and ethnical realities were crushed. Disintegration of the Empire and creation of independent Chinggisid states initiated new turn of ethno- and politogenesis continued until the fall of these states at the beginning of the 16th c.
Thus, ethnical and political development of the Central Eurasia was a long-term process, and firstly the terms, which are used as ethnonyms today, reflected political and social but not a national characteristics of their holders. Only after disintegration of Chinggisid uluses of imperial type and appearance of new states (Kazakh khanate, Shibanid states on the territory of Chaghataid ulus, Moghulistan and Moghulia-Kashgaria in the Eastern Turkestan) we could talk about formation of ethnical formations, which became a basis for the modern peoples of the Central Asia.
Author pays attention to hypothetical nature of many conclusions of specialist in the ethnical history of Eurasia although they based on careful study of medieval sources. This gives an opportunity to continue researches of this subject.

Keywords: Mongol Empire, ulus of Jochi, Chaghataid ulus, ethnic and political history, Kipchaks, Uzbeks, Chaghatais, Moghuls, medieval Islamic historiography.

For citation: Sultanov T.I. Historiography of the Ethnic and Political History of the Jochid and Chaghataid Uluses. Golden Horde Review. 2017. Vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 74–92. DOI: 10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-1.74-92


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About the author: Tursun I. Sultanov – Dr. Sci. (History), Professor, Head of the Department of Central Asia and Caucasus of the Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg State University (11, Universitetskaya naberezhnaya St. Peterburg 199034, Russian Federation). E-mail: vasilieva_nina@mail.ru

Received  January 11, 2017
Accepted for publication  March 07, 2017
Published online March 30, 2017