Requirements for articles

The new journal «Golden Horde Review» and the next issues of our already well-known annuals «Golden Horde civilization» and «Golden Horde Numismatics» will be arranged according to international standards of SCOPUS online citation database (Elsevier publishing company, the Netherlands). Therefore the articles’ submission to the «Golden Horde Review» as well as to the research annuals «Golden Horde Civilization» and «Golden Horde Numismatics» will be implemented in accordance with the new requirements.

When selecting the papers the preference will be given to the problem solving articles. The proposed articles should not have been previously published (in full). The articles should be drawn technically correctly, without unnecessary spaces, strictly following the requirements.


Author Guidelines for Submission of Journal Manuscripts:

– Articles are accepted in electronic form. Point size – 14, font – Times New Roman, regular style, line spacing, margins – 2 sm;

– UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) of the article (http://;

– The initials and surname of the author (s) (on the right, bold font);

– Title of the article (centered in bold, no capital letters);

– Abstract in Russian;

– Keywords in Russian;

– The initials and surname of the author (s) – transliteration in Latin alphabet;

– Title of the article – in English;

– Abstract (Originality / value) (100–250 words) and keywords (6–8 words) in English. Please, note that the abstract should be:

1. Informative (containing no generalities);

2. Original (not to be the calque of Russian annotation with literal translation);

3. Content-related (reflecting the main content of the article and the results of the study);

4. Written in good English;

5. Abstract is intended for a competent audience, so you can use the technical (specific) terminology of your discipline without forgetting that you are writing for an international audience.

– Keywords in English.

– Text of the article (in total – not less than 5 pages and no more than 1,5 printer’s sheet); submitted material should be edited stylistically and technically, you should not include the tabulation or separate paragraphs by one empty line;

– References in the text should be enclosed in square brackets and indicated by a number corresponding to the sequence number mentioned in the list of refe­rences. After the reference number follows the number (or numbers) of the publication’s page on which the author refers. In the list of references the total amount of publication’s pages should be indicated.

For example: In the text: [10, p.32]

In the list of references:

10. Usmanov M.A. Charters of the Ulus of Jochi of the 14th–16th centuries. Kazan: Kazan University Press, 1979. 318 p.


– References should be arranged in alphabetical order (surname and initials of the author, the title, place and year of publication, pages) – in original language, first – the sources on Cyrillic (Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc.), then – on Latin alphabet (English, Turkish, French, etc.).

–   List of references in English (References) – combination of the translite­rated and English parts of the Russian titles (for transliteration use with option BGN).

For example:

Description of monographs (books):

Usmanov M.A. Zhalovannye akty Dzhuchieva ulusa XIV–XVI vv. [Charters of the Ulus of Jochi of the 14th–16th centuries]. Kazan: Kazan University Publ., 1979. 318 p.


Description of article from continuing publication (the collection of works):

Gatin M.S. Bertol’d Shpuler o pitanii v Zolotoy Orde [Bertold Spuler about Nut­rition in the Golden Horde]. Zolotoordynskaya tsivilizatsiya. Sbornik statey [Golden Horde Civilization: Collected Papers], 2012, no. 5, pp. 8–12.


The description of conference papers:

Mirgaleev I.M. Toktamysh i Timur: restavratsiya antimamlyukskoy koalitsii [Tokhtamysh and Timur: The Restoration of anti-Mamluk Coalition]. Zolotoordynskoe nasledie. Materialy vtoroy Mezhdunarodnoy nauchnoy konferentsii «Politiche­skaya i sotsial’no-ekonomicheskaya istoriya Zolotoy Ordy» [The Legacy of the Golden Horde. Proceedings of the Second International Conference «The Political and Socio-Economic History of the Golden Horde»] Kazan, 2011, vol. 2, pp. 27–32.


Description of the printed journal articles:

Dode Z.V. K voprosu o boktag [Concerning the Question of Boktag]. Rossiyskaya arkheologiya – Russian Archaeology, 2008, no. 4, pp. 52–63.


Description of the electronic journal article:

Rady M. The Gesta Hungarorum of Anonymus, the Anonymous Notary of King Bela: A Translation. Slavonic and East European Review, 2009, no. 87 (4). Available at: http://www.


Description of translated books:

Herberstein S. Rerum Moscoviticarum commentarii. Basiliae, 1556 (Russ. ed.: Gerberstein S. Zapiski o Moskovii. Red. V.L. Yanin. Moscow, Moscow University Publ., 1988. 430 p.).

– List of abbreviations should be provided with the definition of abbreviations;

– Illustrations should be presented as separate files in the format TIF, JPG with high resolution of 200–300 dpi;

– Captions to the illustrations and the tables should be given after the list of references;

– At the end of the article should be given information on the author or authors (in the case of a collective work), full name, degree, title, place of employment, address of organization, city, country, position – in Russian.

– Information about the author(s) – in English.

Please, send your articles to e-mail:

For citation: Garustovich G.N. Who Was Honored by “Truthful Khan”, “Coveted Khan” and Their Descendants. Zolotoordynskoe obozrenie=Golden Horde Review . 2017. Vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 6–28.(In Russian) DOI: 10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-1.6-28