White list

White list” of scientific publications from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation.

The interdepartmental working group of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation, which included representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Scientific Information Center (RCSI), major domestic universities and scientific organizations, conducted a selection and approved a list of authoritative scientific publications – “White List”. https://journalrank.rcsi.science/ru/

In November 2022, the “White List” of scientific journals was published on the RCSI website. It includes publications that will be taken into account when assessing the performance of scientific organizations and individual teams.

The “White List” includes about 30040 journals (from all countries) indexed in both foreign databases such as WoS and Scopus, and in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

The scientific journal “Golden Horde Review” is included in Scopus and Web of Science (ESCI), and, accordingly, in the “White List”: the journal card in the “White List”.