• 2021, vol. 9, no. 2

    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2021-9-2

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    Original papers

       Seleznev Ju.V. On the Origin of the Commander Burundai   pp.236-246

       Hautala R. The Loss and Reacquisition of Caffa: The Status of the Genoese Entrepôt within the Borders of the Golden Horde   pp.247-263

       Schamiloglu U. Reflections on the Islamic Literature of the Golden Horde: On the Occasion of the Publication of the Qalandar-nāme   pp.264-271

       Ivanov V.A. Sedentarization of the Medieval Nomads of Eastern Europe: Understandings and Manifestations   pp.272-295

       Mukhametshin D.G. Money Circulation in the Bulgar Ulus in the second half of fourteenth century   pp.296-313

       Polekhov S.V. The Yarliq of Tokhtamish Khan to King Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland: The Problem the Old Russian Text’s Origins   pp.314-335

       Adygamov R.K. The Bulgar and Golden Horde’s Theologians and Theological Sources through the Prism of Sh. Marjani’s “Mustafad al-akhbar…”   pp.336-350

       Aksanov A.V. Ivan IV’s Postponement of the Assault on Kazan: A Manifestation of the Allegorical Nature of Medieval Texts and Real Behavioral Practice   pp.351-358

       Adamov A.A. The Kuchum Settlement: The Capital of Siberia or a Historical Myth (Archaeological Facts and Historical Assumptions)   pp.359-373

       Maslyuzhenko D.N. The “Siberian Tsardom” as a Concept in Russian Chronicles and Ambassadorial Documents of the second half of the sixteenth century   pp.374-394

       Bakhtin A.G. The Life and Death of the Manghit Qarachi-bek, Divei   pp.395-422

       Mustakimov I.A., Khannanova G.M. Khan’s Decree on the Appointment of the Mufti: Muslims under the Rule of the Volga Kalmyks   pp.423-437

       Antonov I.V. Book Review: Zlygostev V.A. Geroi “Sokrovennogo skazaniya” [Heroes of the “Secret History”]   pp.438-450