• 2022, vol. 10, no. 2

    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2022-10-2

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    Original papers

       Veselov F.N. Apocalypse of the Thirteenth century: the First Russian Encounter with the Mongols through the Prism of the Medieval Mind   pp.256-283

       Vorotyntsev L.V. Batu’s Ryazan Gambit: on new Interpretations of the Messages from “The Tale of the Destruction of Ryazan by Batu” in Modern Research   pp.284-302

       Gorsky A.A. The First Challenges of the Russian Princes to the Mongol Rulers: Years 1242–1243   pp.303-313

       Timokhin D.M. About some Controversial Stories Related to the Campaign of Chormagan in Iran in Muslim Sources   pp.314-331

       Wilson J. Nogai the Khanmaker: A Historiographical Problem   pp.332-343

       Sabitov Zh.M. “Shu’ab-i Panjganah” as a Historical Source on the Genealogies of the Chingisids   pp.344-354

       Grinberg M. “The First Wave”: The Shibanid dominance in the Lower Volga region in 1361–1367   pp.355-378

       Tataurov S.F. Islam in the Tomsk Region of the Ob Basin from the Thirteenth to the Eighteenth Century: from Hypotheses to Reality   pp.379-390

       Malikov A.M., Torlanbayeva K.U. Some Features of the Cultural Identity of Shaybani Khan and the Monumental Construction in Samarkand at the beginning of the Sixteenth Century   pp.391-413

       Sadofeev D.V. Madrasah “Kizhe”: on the name of the Madrasah’s Founder in Staryi Krym   pp.414-425

       Kozintcev M.A. Anonymous manuscript “History of Crimea” (B 747) from the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Attribution of the Source   pp.426-436

       Abibullayeva E.E. Treatise on Medicine from the funds of the Bakhchisaray Museum-Reserve   pp.437-455

       Prokhorov D.A. Translations of Yarliqs of the Crimean khans to the Jewish Community of Kyrk-Yer (Chufut-Kale) in the Archives of the Russian Federation (According to the Materials of the State Archive of the Republic of Crimea and the Russian State Historical Archive)   pp.456-481

       Aksanov A.V. On the Question of the “Party division” of the Political Elite of the Kazan Khanate   pp.482-490


       Giniyatullina L.S. Interregional Scientific Conference “Readings of Saif Sarai – 2022” (Samara Region, Kamyshla, May 17, 2022)   pp.491-494