• 2021, vol. 9, no. 4

    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2021-9-4

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    Original papers

        Agatay O. An Analysis of Joči’s Debated Paternity and His Role in the Altan Uruġ Royal Lineage of Činggis Khan    pp.684-714

       Muminov A.K., Uygur S., Bulut V. Tracing the Sources of V.G. Tiesenhausen in the Arabic Volume on the History of the Golden Horde    pp.715-732

       Vorotyntsev L.V. The “Horde Captivity” of the Ryazan Prince Oleg Ingvarevich Krasny (1238–1258): From Historiographical Myth to Historical Realities    pp.733-748

       Khaydarov T.F. A Modern Domestic View of the “Black Death” and Major Epidemic Outbreaks of the Plague in the Historical Past    pp.749-767

       Idrisov Yu.M., Khanmurzaev I.I. “Hand Drawn Portolan of the Caspian Sea of 1519” by Vesconte Maggiolo: A Source of Historical Geography for the Caspian Region    pp.768-790

       Moiseev M.V. Diplomatic Materials of the sixteenth century as a Source of Political Thought in the Successor States of the Golden Horde (To the Formulation of a Research Problem)    pp.791-806

       Kozintcev M.A., Savelieva N.V. Prokhor Kolomiatin’s Turkic Dictionary among the Narrative Monuments from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries  Related to Crimea    pp.807-831

       Maslyuzhenko D.N., Samigulov G.Kh. On the Question of Islamization of Ugrian Population in Western Siberia from the sixteenth to early eighteenth centuries and Some Aspects of Study of This Process    pp.832-856

       Khrapunov N.I. The Crimea Question in “Western” Projects, Political Treatises, and Correspondence from the mid-sixteenth century to 1783    pp.857-877

       Zilivinskaya E.D. Mosques with Flat Beam Ceiling of the Crimean Khanate Period    pp.878-902


       Ryabinina E.A., Tataurov S.F. Problems of Studying the Siberian Statehood of the Shibanids (according to Materials of the Fourth All-Russian Research Conference: “The History, Economy, and Culture of the Medieval Turkic-Tatar States of Western Siberia”)    pp.903-911

       Zeleneev Yu.A., Izmailov I.L., Nedashkovsky L.F. “The Development of the Ideas of Scholars of Previous Generations Will Be the Best Monument for Them”: In Memory of Leonid Teodorovich Yablonsky (1950–2016)    pp.912-922