• 2023, vol. 11, no. 3

    DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2023-11-3

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    Original papers

       Halperin Ch.J. A new theory of medieval Rus’ terminology for Muslim Tatars: Batunskii’s Russia and Islam    pp.504-520

       Fidarov R.F. On some inaccuracies in translation of “The Secret History of the Mongols” by A.S. Kozin    pp.521-531

       Drobyshev Yu.I. Reflection of the Mongol imperial ideas in medieval Russian sources    pp.532-550

       Petrov P.N. Tamgha of “Guyuk” and the Juchids of the House of Orduids (the story of one mistake)    pp.551-561

       Vorotyntsev L.V., Galimov T.R. The “neccesary death” of the Grand Duke: on the question of the causes and circumstances of the death of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich in the autumn of 1246   pp.562-581

       Göncöl Cs. Redactions and dates of the compilation of the Čingiz-nāmä of Ötämiš Ḥāǰǰī    pp.582-591

       Abzalov L.F., Gatin M.S., Mustakimov I.A., Pochekaev R.Yu. The jarlyk on appointment of amir-e tuman from the “Dastur al-katib”and status of temnik in the uluses of Hulagu, Jochi and Chagatay    pp.592-610

       Emanov A.G. Black Sea ports of the Golden Horde according to Castilian “Libro del conosçimiento de todos los reynos” of the 14th century    pp.611-635

       Maslova S.A. The tax terminology of the Short collection of Khan’s jarlyks issued to Rus’ Metropolitans    pp.636-651

       Sayfetdinova E.G. Tamerlane’s letter to the mamluk sultan Barkuk and Barkuk’s response letter to Tamerlane dated AH 795 / AD 1393    pp.652-661

       Evstiunin V.A. New Horizons of the Medieval Black Sea Region. Book Review: Emanov A.G. Between the Polar Star and the Midday Sun: Caffa in World Trade in the 13th–15th Centuries    pp.662-680

       Moiseev  M.V. On the organization of the diplomatic service in the post-Horde Chingisid states in the 16th century (Crimean and Kazan Khanates): “tets” and “bakshis”    pp.681-692

       Korchagin P.A., Samigulov G.Kh. About Takhcheia in the letter of commendation to Yakov and Grigory Stroganov dated May 30, 1574    pp.693-713


       Giniyatullina R.R. Heritage of the Golden Horde Tatars: scientific events   pp.714-718