• 2024, vol. 12, no. 1

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    March 25, 2024

    DOI: http://doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2024-12-1

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    Original papers

    Timokhin D.M., Tishin V.V. The marker qara in Turkic ethnonyms of the 12th century    pp.8-19

    Atik K. The Story of the Golden Horde Told by Coins (Japanese): 貨幣が語るジョチ・ウルス    pp.20-27

    Drobyshev Yu.I. A New Outlook on the “History of the Mongols” by John de Plano Carpini    pp.28-38

    Karpov S.P. The Genoese consuls of Tana (Azak) according to the tax registers from the State Archives of Genoa: the chronology of consulates (1449–1475)    pp.39-47

    Belyakov A.V. On the tradition of using hanging metal seals in the offices of the Golden Horde and Post-Horde States    pp.48-62

    Iudin N.I., Nuretdinova A.R. Vessels with epigraphic and pseudo-epigraphic inscriptions from the territory of the Tsarevskoye settlement    pp.63-78

    Khamidullin S.R., Gainutdinov А.М., Gainullin I.I., Abdullin Kh.М., Kasimov А.V. Historiography of the Study of Bulgarian-Tatar Epigraphic Monuments and Modern Research Methods    pp.79-90

    Zilivinskaya E.D. Mausoleums of the Eastern Regions of the Golden Horde    pp.91-124

    Valeeva-Suleimanova G.F. About the Medieval Bulgar-Tatar Architectural Tradition (in the case of Golden Horde Mausoleums)    pp.125-139

    Ivanov V.A. Ethnocultural Landscape of Medieval Mausoleums in the Volga-Urals    pp.140-164

    Gainutdinov A.M. The epitaph on the monument to Husein-bek    pp.165-174

    Abdullin Kh.M. The tombstone of Hussein bey from the Chishmin mausoleum: A 1910 description based on the materials of the Russian State Historical Archive    pp.175-185

    Izmailov I.L. The formation of the Tatar-Muslim community in the Ik-Belaya interfluve in the 13th–14th centuries    pp.186-200

    Sayfetdinova E.G. Mausoleums of representatives of the Mamluk Elite connected with the history of the Golden Horde    pp.201-210

    Prokhorov D.A. Karaites in the Ulus Jochi era and in the Crimean Khanate: The question of the origin of Karaite communities on the Crimean peninsula    pp.211-236


    Giniyatullina L.S. All-Russian Symposium “Milestones of History”    pp.237-239