2022, vol. 10, no. 4

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2022-10-4

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Original papers

   Izmailov I.L. Tatars of Jochi Ulus: Formation and Development of Ethnopolitical Identity in the 13th–15th centuries    pp.744-757

   Karpov S.P. Timur-sultan and Kerim-birdi: two attacks on the Venetian Tana in 1410 and in 1418    pp.758-769

   Abzalov L.F., Gatin M.S., Mustakimov I.A., Pochekaev R.Yu. “Dastur al-katib” as a source on history of state, law and chancellery culture of the Golden Horde (by the example of yarligh on appointment of emir of ulus)    pp.770-798

   Sabitov Zh.M., Margulan A.S., Kambarbekova G.A. Comparative analysis of Juchid genealogies  according to five lists of “Muizz al-Ansab”    pp.799-818

   Khereid Jamsran Urangua. Mongolian page of the Ulus Jochi’ history    pp.819-839

   Belousov S.V., Stavitsky V.V. Problem questions in studying of the Golden Horde city Mokhshi    pp.840-850

   Shaymuratova D.N., Askeyev I.V., Nedashkovsky L.F. The importance of birds on the Golden Horde rural  settlements of the Lower Volga region (by the example of the Bagaevka settlement)    pp.851-867

   Penskoy V.V., Penskaya T.M.  The post-Horde world and the Union of Ivan III and Mengli Giray I: An attempt  to Create a “Bipolar” Political System    pp.868-898

   Abdullin Kh.M. Previously unpublished plans of the Bulgarian settlement of the 18th–19th centuries    pp.899-909

   Nurtazina N.D., Isakhan M.B. Decadence of the post-Golden Horde era and the fate of religion in the Kazakh nomadic society of the 15th – early 18th centuries    pp.910-934


   Giniyatullina L.S. International Scientific Congress “XVIII Faizkhanov Readings” on the topic “Islam in Russia: past, present, future”    pp.935-938