2019, vol. 7, no. 4

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2019-7-4

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Original papers

   Jackson T.N. Hófvz Tartarar secundum quosdam: Information on Tatars in Icelandic Annals   pp.616-635

   Ivanov V.A. Mongolian Nomads in the Ulus of Jochi (Golden Horde) According to Archaeological Materials   pp.636-651

   Galimov T.R., Mirgaleev I.M. The Interpretation of the “Great Stand on the Ugra River” in 1480   pp.652-662

   Akchurina-Muftieva N.M. Islamic Traditions of Water-Supply Construction in the Crimea   pp.663-673

   Adygamov R.K. Marjani’s Sources for the First Volume of His “Mustafad al’-akhbar fi Ahwali Qazan wa Bulgar”   pp.674-686

   Gibadullin I.R. An Anonymous Persian Work – “Hikayat”: A Source on the History of the Volga-Ural Region   pp.687-719

   Polekhov S.V., Zaytsev I.V. Two Letters of Mengli-Giray I to Jerzy Mikołajewicz Radziwiłł, the Voivode of Kiev (1512–1513)   pp.720-732

   Abibullayeva E.E. Medicine of the Crimean Khanate through the Prism of Everyday Life   pp.733-743

   Rustemov O.D., Stepanov E.N. The Formation of the Crimean Tatar Literary Language Based on the Urban Koine of Bakhchisaray in the seventeenth and eighteenth century   pp.744-759

   Konev A.Yu. The Phenomenon of “Foreigners”, Yasak and Gift Exchange: Peoples of the Volga Region, the Urals and Siberia in Russia in the late sixteenth and early eighteenth centuries   pp.760-783

   Gallyamova A.G. “Reprisal” for the Golden Horde in the mid-twentieth century: The Ideological Discourse in Tatar Medieval Studies in the Light of the Decree of August 1944   pp.784-797


   Zhilina N.V. Review of the Book: Juvelirnye ukrashenija tjurkskih narodov Evrazii [Jewelry of Turkic Peoples of Eurasia] (Kazan, 2018)   pp.798-806


   Aksanov A.V. The Sixth International Golden Horde Forum “Pax Tatarica: Genesis and Legacy of the Golden Horde Statehood” (Kazan, June 26–28, 2019)   pp.807-810