2023, vol. 11, no. 1

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2023-11-1

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Original papers

   Trepavlov V.V. The Siberian Ulus of Jochi: Nomadic Traditions on the eve of Imperial Innovations    pp.8-23

   Porsin A.A. Trial in the case of the Poisoning of Ögedei Khan in the Context of Contradictions between Different Groups of Sources    pp.24-36

   Meriç S., Paşaoğlu D.D. Postal organisation (yam) in the Golden Horde    pp.37-61

   Borodovskaya L.Z. Sufi Symbolic Forms in the Poem from the age of the Golden Horde “Qalandar-name”    pp.62-78

   Akhiezer G., Kramarovsky M.G. Jewish Communities of Medieval Solkhat according to Archaeological and Manuscript Sources: Historical and Cultural Aspects    pp.79-108

   Khrapunov N.I. The Account of the Crimean Khanate in a Treatise by Adrian de Verdy du Vernois    pp.109-122

   Lobkov А.Е. An Episode from the History of Crimean Musical Folklore: a Collection of Crimean Tatar Songs by N. Borovko and M. Krasev    pp.123-142

   Malikov A. The Shibanid rule in Samarkand: Legitimation, Culture and Monumental Architecture (1512–1578)    pp.143-166

   Chernyshov S.A. Evolution of Discourses on the Conquest of Siberia in Local Historical Memory    pp.167-180

   Khabutdinova M.M. The Contribution of Naki Isanbet to the Study of the Golden Horde    pp.181-201

   Galimzyanova A.T., Gallyamova A.G. A Path two Decades long: how the First Collective Monograph of the Institute of Language, Literature and History on the “History of the Tatar ASSR” was created    pp.202-219

   Shakiyevа A.S. Features of the Coverage of the Ulus Jochi History in the Histories of the Kazakh SSR in the 1940s–1950s    pp.220-241


   Galimov T.R. VII International Golden Horde Forum “The Civilizational Significance of the Islam adoption by the Volga Bulgaria and the Golden Horde: Integration Processes in the Medieval history of Russia”     pp.242-246