2023, vol. 11, no. 4

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2023-11-4

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Original papers

   Oğuz A.Y. An Enquiry into Gunpowder Weapons Used by Hülegü in the Middle East Campaign   pp.728-741

   Ivanov V.A. The Golden Horde through the eyes of Contemporaries and Eyewitnesses   pp.742-757

   Zilivinskaya E.D. Islam and survivals of pre-islamic beliefs in the Golden Horde on the materials of architecture funeral structures   pp.758-783

   Tsybin M.V. Islam and Christianity on the periphery of the Golden Horde in the Middle Don region   pp.784-791

   Mirgaleev I.M., Fazlutdinov I.I., Zakirova I.G. On the question of studying Tatar variants of the epos about Idegey   pp.792-816

   Malikov A. Some features of the Islamic Culture of Khwarezm in the Golden Horde Era   pp.817-833

   Zaytsev I.V. “We will give you recite, and you will not forget” (Quran, 87:6). A tale of the Kazan Khan and his clever vizier   pp.834-842

   Iskhakov D.M. The formation problem of the Tatar class in the Kazan Khanate (specific historical and theoretical aspects)   pp.843-862

   Maslyuzhenko D.N., Ryabinina E.A. Chingi-tura in the History of the Tyumen Khanate   pp.863-880

   Polekhov S.V. Moscow, Lithuania, the Horde and the last testaments of Vasily I   pp.881-901

   Ürkündağ A., Başer A. Finding the Guardians of Royal Blood: Observations on the Supply of eunuchs to the Harem in the Ottoman Empire and the Crimean Khanate through case studies and documents   pp.902-917

   Samigulov G.Kh. The humble charm of modern stereotypes about foreigners and yasak in Russia during the 16th–17th centuries   pp.918-933

   Zamaletdinov R.R., Khabutdinova M.M. The creative history of Naki Isanbet’s comedy “Red-haired chichyan and Black-haired beauty”   pp.934-956


   Mirgaleev I.M., Giniyatullina L.S. Formation and development of the scientific journal “Golden Horde Review”   pp.957-968