2017. Vol. 5, no. 2

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-2

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   Huub Kurstjens. The Invasion of the Christian West by the Tatars (Mongols). A Clash of Civilizations between Frederick II, Gregory IX and the Tatars   pp.258-275

   Vladimír Liščák. The Christian Nobles at the Court of Great Khan, as Described in Mediaeval European Sources   pp.276-289

   Iskhakov D.M. The Role of the Turkic-Tatar Constituent People in the Formation of the State-Forming “People” of the Jochid Ulus in the 13th–14th centuries   pp.290-324

   Uli Schamiloglu. The Impact of the Black Death on the Golden Horde: Politics, Economy, Society, Civilization   pp.325-343

   Mirgaleev I.M. Succession to the Throne in the Golden Horde: Replacement of the Batuids by the Tuqai-Timurids   pp.344-351

   Tataurov S.F. Archaeological Monuments of the Siberian Khanates: Search of the Markers of the Statehood   pp.352-362

   Maslyuzhenko D.N., Samigulov G.Kh. Turkic Communities in South Trans-Urals in the 15th–17th centuries: National, Administrative, Territorial, Ethnosocial Transformations   pp.363-396

   Nesin M.A. The Status of Kasimov Chinggisids during the Reigns of Vasily II and Ivan III according to Written Sources   pp.397-411

   Belyakov A.V., Vinogradov A.V., Moiseev M.V. Institution of Atalykship in the Post-Golden Horde World   pp.412-436


     Roman Hautala, Gulevich V.P. Letter of Polish Hetman Jan Zamoyski “About Passage of Tatars through Pokuttya in 1594”   pp.437-459


   Trepavlov V.V. Review of the Book by S.S. Averkiev “Tatar Influence on the Life of the Russian People”   pp.460-465

   Galiyev A.A. Actual Problems of Kazakh History. Review of the Book by K.A. Pishchulina “Essays on the History of the Kazakh Khanate”   pp.466-473


   Aleksandar Uzelac. Medieval Nomads – Sixth International Conference on the Medieval History of the Eurasian Steppe (Szeged, Hungary, November 23–26, 2016)   pp.474-477

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  Giniyatullina L.S. Presentation of the Book “The Golden Horde in World History” (Oxford, Great Britain, April 7–8, 2017)   pp.485-487