2019, vol. 7, no. 2

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2019-7-2

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Original papers

   Hautala R. Comparing Eastern and Missionary Sources on the Golden Horde’s History   pp.208-224

   Seleznev Ju.V. The Rus Grandchildren of the Polovtsian Princes (The Question of Polovtsian Kinship in the Political Strugglein Rus from the 11th to the first half of the 13th century)   pp.225-241

   Kaziev E.V. On the Chronology of the As People’s Entry into Mongol Service   pp.242-253

   Fomina T.Yu. The Diocesan Structure of Rus during the Mongol-Tatar Invasion in 1237–1240 (according to the chronicles)   pp.254-265

   Petrov P.N., Kamishev A.M. Yangi Taraz in the 13th–14th centuries and the Discovery of Its Geographical Location on the Basis of Numismatic Data   pp.266-282

 Dashdondog B. The Black Sea Slave Trade in the 13th–14th century That Changed the Political Balance in the Near East   pp.283-294

   Tishin V.V. Once again on the Meaning of the Term “Horde” and the Categories “Golden Horde”, “White Horde”, “Blue Horde”   pp.295-317

   Gulevich V.P., Dzhanov A.V. A Letter of the Crimean Khan Mengli Giray to the Genoese Emissaries Bartolomeo Campofregoso and Lodizio Fieschi of December 30, 1481   pp.318-332

   Zaytsev I.V. Did the Kazan Khans Have Tugra? Etymological Note from the Era of the Kazan Khanate: “Tavrui”   pp.333-338

   Belov N.V. Two Coups of 1545/46 in Kazan: The Question of the Configuration of Political Forces in the Early Years of the Kazan War   pp.339-350

   Trepavlov V.V. The Shibans: A Failed Ethnonym   pp.351-371

   Belyakov A.V. Siberian Queens   pp.372-391

   Halperin Ch.J. Book Review: Seleznev Yu.V. Kartiny ordynskogo iga [Scenes of the Horde’s Yoke]   pp.392-400


   Sayfetdinova E.G. Events Dedicated to the 750-Year Anniversary of the Golden Horde   pp.401-406