2017. VOL. 5, NO. 1

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-1

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   Garustovich G.N. Who Was Honored by “Truthful Khan”, “Coveted Khan” and Their Descendants  pp.6-28

   Galimov T.R. Hierarchy of the Russian Church and Relations between the Horde and the Russian Church during the Tatar-Mongol Invasion of 1237–1240 according to Contemporary Estimates  pp.29-55

   István Vásáry. Multilingualism and Cultural Interactions in the Golden Horde  pp.56-73

   Sultanov T.I. Historiography of the Ethnic and Political History of the Jochid and Chaghataid Uluses  pp.74-92

   Marie Favereau. Тhe Golden Horde and the Mamluks  pp.93-115

   Sayfetdinova E.G., Gamal Abdel Rehem I.H. Dynastic Marriage of Mamluk Sultan of Egypt al-Nasir and Princess Tulunbay according to Medieval Arab Chronicles  pp.116-125

   Zaynuddinov D.R. A Scholar from Saray: Mawlana Zada al-Sarayi (754/1353–791/1389) in the Biographical Dictionary of Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi (766/1365–845/1441) “Kitab al-Muqaffa al-Kabir” (The Great Rhymed Book)  pp.126-137

   Aksanov A.V. Russian Chronicles on the Moscow-Kazan Relations: An Experience of the Hermeneutic Research  pp.138-148

   Gulevich V.P. Venetian Diplomacy and the Great Horde in the 1470’s  pp.149-163

   Khaydarov T.F. Historiography of the Epidemic of “Black Death” on the Territory of Juchid Ulus (1814–2016)  pp.164-192


   Roman Hautala. A Letter of Ladizlaus, the Franciscan Custodian of Gazaria (Caffa, April 10, 1287)  pp.193-199

   Gorsky A.A. “Speeches” of Sigismund II’s Courier, Mikhail Garaburda, Addressed to the Crimean Qalga Muhammad Giray (1559)  pp.200-205

   Akhmetzyanov M.I., Mirgaleev I.M. On the Allotment of Nogai Biys from the Usergen, Kipchak, Burjan and Tamyan Clans with the People, Land, Forests and Waters  pp.206-212

   Derya Derin Paşaoǧlu. Genealogy of the Crimean Khans according to “Umdet al-Akhbar” by Abdulgaffar Kyrymi  pp.213-219


   Roman Hautala. Fictional Marriage Proposal of Anonymous Astrakhan Khan  pp.220-225


   Dejan Radičević. “Under the Shadow of the Dog” – A New Monograph about the Golden Horde and Its Presence in the Balkans (Book Review: Aleksandar Uzelac. Pod Senkom psa. Tatari i južnoslovenske zemlje u drugoj polovini XIII veka [Under the Shadow of the Dog. Tatars and South Slavic Lands in the Second Half of the Thirteenth Century]. Belgrade, Utopija Publ., 2015. 324 p.+ 12 p. with color illustrations)  pp.226-229

   Veselov F.N., Maiorov A.V. “…We do not know, who are they, where are they from and what are their aims”. The Mongol Expansion in the Light of Published Latin Sources  pp.230-238

   Tychinskikh Z.A., Gabdrakhmanova G.F. “The History and Culture of the Western Tatars”: Some Notes about the Book  pp.239-243


   Pochekaev R.Yu. The International Scientific-Practical Conference XIII Faizkhanov Readings “The Heritage of the Golden Horde in the Nationhood and Cultural Traditions of the Peoples of Eurasia” (St.Petersburg, May 4–6, 2016)  pp.244-247

   Giniyatullina L.S. Extended Meeting of the Editorial Board of the “Golden Horde Review” (Kazan, March 18, 2017)  pp.248-251