2020, vol. 8, no. 2

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2020-8-2

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Original papers

   Kaziev E.V. On the Massacre of the Alan Warriors during the Mongol Conquest of the Southern Song Empire   pp.220-242

   Szabó J.B. The Hungarian View of the Battle of Muhi (April 11, 1241): A New Interpretation of Historiographic Traditions   pp.243-257

   Ovcharov V. The Questions of a Tatar Presence and Problems of Money Circulation in Dobruja (1347–1353)   pp.258-273

   Khromov K.K. The Location of the Tatar Shlyakh Trade Road from Azaq to Lviv along the Northern Coast of Sea of Azov and Black Sea (according to numismatic data)   pp.274-283

   Kozintcev M.A. Fosterage in Crimea (based on the anonymous manuscript kept at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS)   pp.284-292

   Vinogradov A.V. Structure of Political Elite of the Crimean Khanate according to the Materials of Reports of Russian Embassies in Crimea in 1613–1616   pp.293-315

   Abduzhemilev R.R. The Source Study and Composition Review of the “Seven Planets” by Seyid-Muhammed Riza   pp.316-344

   Shalak M.E. “Tevarikh-i Desht-i Kipchak” as a Source of Historical Geography of the Crimean Khanate and Adjacent Territories   pp.345-365

   Tulibayeva Zh.M. The History of the Golden Horde in Khivan Historiography   pp.366-377

   Sayfetdinova E.G. Ibn Abi al-Hadid’s Information on Tatars   pp.378-385


   Salomon Arel M. Review of the Book: Ch.J. Halperin. Ivan the Terrible: Free to Reward and Free to Punish   pp.386-390

   Timokhin D.M., Tishin V.V. Book Review: Porsin A.A. The History of the Golden Horde at the end of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth century in the “Zubdat al-Fikra” by Rukn al-Din Beibars al-Mansuri   pp.391-410


   Ayagan B.G. International Online Conference “The Great Ulus (Golden Horde): The History of the Great Steppe” (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, May 14, 2020)   pp.411-414