2017. Vol. 5, no. 3

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22378/2313-6197.2017-5-3

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   Mirko Sardelić. John of Plano Carpini vs Simon of Saint-Quentin: 13th-century Emotions in the Eurasian Steppe    pp.494-508

   Aleksandar Uzelac. Echoes of the Conflict between Tokhta and Nogai in the Christian World    pp.509-521

   Garkavets A.N. Marco Polo, Nicknamed the Million, and His “Book on the Diversity of the World”    pp.522-565

   Lorenzo Pubblici. Some Remarks on the Slave Trade in the Heart of the Golden Horde (14th century) in the Wake of C. Verlinden’s Research    pp.566-576

   Sabitov Zh.M. The “Majmu al-Tawarikh” as a Source on the History of the Jochid Ulus    pp.577-590

   Seleznjov Ju.V. The “Tatar Passway”: The Fiscal Provision of Administrative Management and Transport Communications in the Golden Horde State (In Russian Territories)    pp.591-599

   Trepavlov V.V. The “Father’s Sons”: The Elite of the Kazan Khanate in the Lithuanian Metrica    pp.600-611

   Khrapunov N.I., Khrapunova S.N. Francesco Algarotti’s Account of the Crimea    pp.612-628

   Akchurin M.M., Isheev M.R. Temnikov: The Town of a Tümen Commander. The History of Towns of the “Mordovian Peripheries” in the 15th–16th centuries    pp.629-658


   Pochekaev R.Yu. The Golden Horde and Rus’: A Turkish View. Review of the Book: Kamalov I.H. The Golden Horde and the Russian Ulus (the Tatar Influence on Russia)    pp.659-665

   Abduzhemilev R.R. Review of the Book: Yakubovich M.M. Philosophical Thought of the Crimean Khanate    pp.666-674


   Maslyuzhenko D.N., Tataurov S.F. The Third All-Russian Research Conference (with International Participation) “History, Economics and Culture of the Medieval Turkic-Tatar States of the Western Siberia”, Kurgan, 21–22 April, 2017    pp.675-681

   Roman Hautala. International Workshop “Networks, Regions and Institutions in Mongol Eurasia: A Meso-Historical Analysis”, Jerusalem, 17–18 May, 2017    pp.682-686

   Giniyatullina L.S. II International Scientific Theological Conference “Spiritual Silk Road. Creativity. Integration”, Bolgar–Kazan, 3–5 September, 2017    pp.687-691